Just thought I should share my terrible humor…

So I’m in the elevator at my job, going from the 10th floor to the fourth, and the elevator stops at the 9th floor and an unassuming little old British lady gets on.
In her arms are a couple of file folders, a day planner, and a box of tea. I remark our loud that I find the shape of the tea bags intriguing, since they are in the shape of little pyramids.
“Ah yes,” she says, “these are the mixed berry flavor. They’re very delicious, would you like one?”
“Sure,” I said, “I’ve never tried one of these.”
She holds the open box to me and let me take out one of the little silky pyramid-shaped goodies.
Being the classy person that I am, I remark, “Now I’ll be able to tell everyone that I got teabagged in the elevator.”
Mercifully, I arrive at my floor.
Let us never speak of this again.


~ by jamiesnydertv on March 30, 2009.

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