Darkwing Duck was the shit!

Did you grow up in a house like mine?

When I was growing up, the TV was on constantly, from the time we got home from school to the time we went to bed. Of utmost importance was that we watched our cartoons. At least, I think that we “watched” them.
We watched a lot of shows; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pound Puppies, Darkwing Duck, Tiny Toons and a bunch of other shows that were part of the after-school lineup.
Since getting into YouTube, I’ve been able to recapture my childhood by watching snippets of these shows, and one thing that jumps right out at me is that I cannot for the life of me remember any of the plots of any episode, even though I probably watched each episode over and over again.
I remember distinct character traits and personality development. I remember voices and background music, but I do not remember the plot.

A could of months ago I thought out loud “Whoa, Rocksteady and Beebop were actually bad guys! They weren’t just Shredder’s friends!”
You guys? I had a mad crush on Raphael. I found his complicated angst to be incredibly sexy. (Yes, I was seven.)

So now I’m searching out segments of these 20-year-old cartoons and finding myself in a strange in-between world. These are old memories for me, but I’ve forgotten enough so that many things are new. In a way I’m seeing them now in the same way I saw them then. Is this how the elderly experience the world, or is this unique to childhood memories?
What cartoons have you forgotten?

In case you’re wondering, Darkwing Duck is still totally badass!


~ by jamiesnydertv on April 3, 2009.

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