What is your M&Ms Ritual?

Get some M&Ms and play along with me…

We all have a little ritual when eating M&Ms or any sort of little multicolored candy. Some of us sort them out and eat one color at a time, others line the colors up in rows and eat the ones that are “extra,” thus keeping the remaining number of candies even.

This is what I do-

I pull a handful out of the bag or bowl, and set them down. I will then eat them two at a time, starting with the brown ones, because, let’s face it, the brown ones just aren’t as good. If there is an odd number of brown ones the remaining brown gets eaten solo.

The yellow ones come next, again two at a time, followed by orange two at a time. Odd remainders get left behind in the pile. Green is next, then red. Blue is always last. In 1995, M&Ms had a voting contest on whether to replace the old light brown ones with pink, purple, or blue. Blue won, and since then has been the M&M that were eaten last, replacing red. Prior to 1995, the order was dark brown, light brown, orange, yellow, green, then red.

Last to be eaten two at a time is the blue.

So ideally by now I have a single yellow, orange, green, red and blue candy all together. These five are eaten all at once.

Whay is your M&Ms ritual?


~ by jamiesnydertv on April 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “What is your M&Ms Ritual?”

  1. I have to even out the quantities of each color first by eating the leftovers. Then I eat all of each color in no particular order. If it’s flavored candies, like Skittles, I save my favorite flavors/colors for last. With Skittles that would be orange. 🙂

    • Oh that’s wonderful!
      I hadn’t thought of skittles…I even them out too, and eat the grape and orange ones first. The red ones are my favorite.
      Remember Runts? Those are another story altogether!

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