….on love and sexual frustration….

I think my romantic style is somewhat unique in that I only have the emotional energy for one person at a time.

Right now I have no idea who that person might be.

This aimlessness has turned into a visceral passion. I want to be held against a wall and kissed against my will. I want a wrestling match to turn into impassioned lovemaking on the floor. I want to pull hair and have my hair pulled. I want strong hands around my waist. I want to smell the sweat and feel the weight of a man. That weight is probably the most satisfying.

Right now the only action I get is twice weekly, on the bed only, lights off, quiet, unsatisfying. Attempts at making things more creative or, God forbid, maybe even doing it on the couch are rebuffed every time.

There is nothing wrong with sex that doesn’t begin with brushing one’s teeth and end with taking a shower.

I’m reminded of a disco ball. The light hits the ball from a singular source and is reflected on everything in the room; spinning, unfocused, dizzy. This is what is happening to my libido. Won’t someone stop the spinning and focus the light on themselves?


~ by jamiesnydertv on May 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “….on love and sexual frustration….”

  1. Very good point Jamie, I find myself in the same situation some times. Ahhh, the pains of being single!

    • You are so my favorite commentor. You have a hidden anger that I find so appealing.

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