On taking a time out from “the crazy….”

I’ve been doing my second bout with Weight Watchers the last couple of weeks, and I’ve lost a little weight. The amount of weight isn’t important. I’ve lost some, and that is that.

This past week I’ve found the plan to be a bit too restrictive, and out came “the crazy.”

“The crazy” is why I quit the first time.

“The crazy” is what happens when I spiral out of control. I’m doing well on my plan, but then something happens. I overeat or skip a workout or something that interferes with the “perfect” plan that I had come up with earlier in the week.

An extra donut, or not knowing “exactly” how many points was in that falafel causes me to fly out of control. I decide to be extra restrictive so that I can have a loss at EVERY SINGLE WEIGH-IN. Suddenly I’m planning to work out for four hours and eat a single bean sprout.

Of course, since my body rebels against the semi-restrictive behavior, it is also going to rebel against the extremely restrictive behavior.

Well, duh.

I quit WW the first time because this rapidly destructive behavior was getting bigger and bigger, and while weight loss in the first few weeks tends to be rapid, maintaining this control when it might only result in a loss of two-tenths of a pound gets harder. I began to wonder who exactly I was trying to impress with this behavior, so I left.

I’ve mentally “broken up” with WW so many times this week I’ve lost count, but the community support is what I need. My habits, as a whole, have gotten better over time. Last night I “overate” with two beers, six dark chocolate Hershey kisses, and a 100-calorie minibagel with a single scrambled egg. A year ago this same binge would have included a case of beer and Chinese delivery.

So, there has been some progress.

I’ll be at my WW meeting first thing tomorrow morning, but I will not be weighing in. Just the meeting, my “Week 5” booklet and maybe one of those “Hungry” dolls that make me smile, please.


~ by jamiesnydertv on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “On taking a time out from “the crazy….””

  1. I’ve never done WW or anything like it. I try to calorie restrict and then find if I eat something that I feel doesn’t jive with the lower cal lifestyle I freak out and feel like a failure and just quit. That’s no way to do it and I think I have crazy issues of my own. I relate completely…minus the WW thing so maybe only mostly.

  2. Jamie,

    I know exactly what you mean. I really don’t like many of the new changes to Momentum, (i.e. juice, tea, coffee counting as water intake, banked activity points can now be used any time during the week) and have really thought about going to the older plan before they changed it up and allowed TOO much freedom in my opinion.

    Stick with it šŸ˜‰ I remember when I first watched you when you were on the program. You will do it. Don’t make it weight watchers plan, make it YOUR plan.

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