Duality and Polarity

In Western culture, we emphasize the Duality of life. Specifically, this Duality is in the form of good versus evil, dark vs light, etc etc and all that.

I think it is this worldview that has caused so many problems in our lives. We want new, shiny, thin, warm and moral. We fear old, dull, fat, cold and sin. We find ourselves constantly trying to stay on the light, good, and moral side of things, constantly fighting our urges to venture away. Our universe has been painted in black and white.

Now, think of a magnet, with polar opposite sides. There is no good or bad side to a magnet, we need them both. When we have both, we stay effortlessly in the middle. The conflict is gone. If we stray too far to one side, the other gently pulls us back. This is a worldview based on Polarity. It makes it much easier to move forward when you are not constantly being forced to one side.

When we attempt to force a duality on to a polarity, the reaction can be violent. We are yanked from our grip on the Good side and slammed painfully into the Evil side, over and over until equilibrium is reached. Our aim should be to walk down the middle of the road, between starvation and gluttony, poverty and prosperity, pride and shame.

Buddha called this “the middle way.”

It keeps us out of the ditch.


~ by jamiesnydertv on May 8, 2009.

One Response to “Duality and Polarity”

  1. Taoism talks of this balance quite a bit. The balance of two forces is one of its central themes. The whole practice of the Tao is two accept that these forces are part of you and how to accept and balance them.

    Some of the first meditations I ever tried where Taoist.

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