On the perception of needs….

I have a lot of needs, but I’m trying to have less of them.

I used to need to buy lunch every day. I used to have to buy gas for my car. I used to need to peruse the new releases on my bookstore.

I need to wear makeup every day. I need coffee every morning. I need to check for new lolcats. I need my gym membership.

The impending acseticism of my life is requiring that I need less.

Do I really need to add to the closet full of beauty products that not only haven’t made me more attractive, but are gathering dust? I received an email this morning alerting me to the new collection offered by my favorite brand and it felt to me like more of an obligation.

Do I really need to read the latest release of my favorite topics? No.

Do I really need coffee every morning? The answer is yes, and it makes me sad. I absolutely must have four or five cups of coffee every day in order to function normally. I cannot get up and go for a run, because I need to drink coffee. I cannot read or study if the coffeemaker is not ready to go.

This is a problem.

So now I am planning to quit caffeine. It will be a slow tapering off, and hopefully I’ll be free by the end of next month. There are so many other things that I would like to do with my mornings. I do not need the anxiety of having had too much coffee.

I’ve got a series of dates now programmed into my Blackberry, taking me from three cups, then two, then one, then switching to tea on June 15. Hopefully I’ll wake up that morning and not want to strangle anyone.

I think that as soon as someone says “I need,” those needs must be examined.

I know many people who “need” to have their nails done or “need” locally grown organic produce. Those things are nice, but they are not needs.

Enjoying a beer is a world away form needing a beer. Waking up to have coffee is different than having coffee to wake up.


~ by jamiesnydertv on May 19, 2009.

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