On Keeping Goals…

I’m really good at making plans, but I usually fail at following through.

If I had kept all the plans I’ve made this past year, I would have completed about 10 fitness programs, saved over $1,000, I’d have written a book, traveled to India and I’d probably own a car.

And that’s just the stuff I remember.

The advice I get on this is usually to make a schedule, which usually falls through, because if you can schedule something, you can certainly reschedule it.

I’ve procrastinated too much, mainly because my goals tend to be rather grandiose.

Tomorrow is the first day of June, and over the course of June I only have five goals:

1.  I will stop drinking coffee.
2. I will stay on my running program.
3. I will not drink any alcohol for the entire month of June.
4. I will lose 10 pounds.
5. I will send $100 to my new home in California.

That’s it.


~ by jamiesnydertv on May 31, 2009.

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