What happened?

Yesterday at about a quarter to one I was enjoying by lunch hour by taking a walk near the Capitol Mall in DC. I hate being cooped up at my desk for so long and sometimes will go out to stretch my legs.

I turned the corner of Independence Ave to complete my loop and begin returning to the office when I was told to run.

Someone had a gun.

I started returning back to my office, with police cars and ambulances screaming in the opposite direction.

Upon entering my building, the guard told me that there had been a shooting at the Holocaust Museum.

Back at my desk, the details started to emerge. The shooter was a known white supremacist, the victim was listed as in “grave” condition and later died.

Apparently this shooter wanted to go out in one last blaze of hate-filled glory.

I hope the shooter dies of his injuries, so the family of the victim will be spared the pain of a trial, but I also hope he lives, so that they may stare evil in the face.


~ by jamiesnydertv on June 11, 2009.

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