So things are moving right along….

My employment situation is dubious at best. Between my boss and I, we are “shooting” for my last day to be August 4th, which is about as precise a date as is possible.

I’ve been a high-level temp (high-level meaning that I’ve been running the department in the absence of the production assistant, who has been on maternity leave) for the past six months. It’s been a great experience and it’s been a lot of fun learning a job, taking it over, and teaching it back to her.  I even got to have my name in the masthead of a couple of magazines.

The “real” production assistant came back from her maternity leave last week and we’ve been going over changes that have happened in the time she’s been gone and getting everything set up for her to take over.

It’s been weird to make positive changes at an organization knowing full well that soon I won’t be here.

My predicament right now is that there really is no conceivable way that the HR department is going to approve the money for me to stay here until August 4th…

My boss’ solution? She didn’t ask.

She wants me to be here as long as possible until my flight to California (it certainly feels good to be valued!) so she has suggested a “duck and cover” approach to my staying here. The strategy is for me to keep coming and to keep submitting timesheets until someone in HR notices and tells me to stop.

This is weird.

I’m slipping in and out of the temp sign-in area like a ninja every day. I was previously friendly with a lot of the staffers in the HR office, but now try to come in while nobody’s looking.

So, I could be unemployed at any point between the end of this week and the end of this month.

I shipped two more boxes of my belongings back home. These are small boxes – the square USPS flat rate kind – and I sent my backpack, a notebook, verious items for my dayplanner, and some more books.

I also went online today and picked out my classes for this Fall.  Hopefully I’ll be able to afford my books. Things actually felt rather dire for me this past week, but picking out my classes really centered me. I have something to look forward to now.


~ by jamiesnydertv on July 6, 2009.

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