I am a runner.

I came straight in from today’s run, collapsed on the couch, and typed the title of this post.

I am a runner.

I came in from my run having achieved a personal best, but not quite the personal best I wanted.

I was hoping to run 30 minutes straight, but instead ran 20 minutes straight plus intervals adding up to 6 minutes and 35 seconds. So today I ran 26:35 in total.

I ran earlier in the day, so I was hotter. I also ran a steeper route than I normally do.

So not only did I run a personal best, but I ran a personal best under more difficult circumstances.

I am absolutely knackered, but still dissappointed.

The reason I’m dissappointed is that I picked up my very first copy of Runner’s World magazine, which is featuring a special how-to on running a half-marathon, with training schedules for first-timers, people looking for a personal record, and people who are used to  running full marathons. I made a copy of the first-timer schedule and pasted it inside a “you can do it” type of greeting card for safe keeping.

The reason I’m dissappointed with today’s run is that the first week of the half-marathon schedule starts with a 35-minute run. I want to start next week.

I am a runner, but am I a good enough runner?

We’ll have to see.


~ by jamiesnydertv on July 18, 2009.

One Response to “I am a runner.”

  1. You sure are a runner. Train hard. Train smart. Have fun. And just keep it up and you’ll make it through that half.

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