One Perfect Week…..

I’ve been in California for 10 days and I haven’t really accomplished anything I’ve set out to do. My running performance this week has been sub-par because of all the people wanting to take me out for lunch, dinner, and drinks. On Thursday I was taken out for a burrito that sabotaged my efforts for two whole days. I’ve realized the precise effect that food has on my running, and I need to apply that knowledge wisely.

In other words: Party’s Over.

I have one more week until my classes begin, and I propose that this week will be a perfect week.

From Sunday to Sunday, I will….

-Stay within my running food plan.
-Perform every workout to 100% of my ability.
– Give away some of the clutter that has been stressing me out.
– Stay out of the meager amount of money that I have set aside for school.

This is problematic in a couple of ways. There are people I haven’t seen yet who still want to take me out to dinner. There are people I’ve done favors for that I still have to have meals with. Going out has always been problematic for me because I want to seem like I’m about to eat “normally” and don’t want to draw attention to myself. This might be why I tend to refuse a lot of dinner dates in favor of a noncommittal “let’s have coffee.”

The clutter is another issue. I moved from DC after downsizing my stuff so that it would all fit in my one piece of luggage and a few shipped boxes. Now I’m in  a place where I also have a lot of my belongings from when I lived in California before, so there’s a lot of clutter. Also, the same people who like to take me out to eat are also giving me things they are convinced I will “find useful somehow.” I really have no use for a fancy wine opener, clothes that aren’t my style, decorative boxes or yarn when I haven’t brought my knitting needles. They can all go. I’ve packed a few of these items in a bag  and will take them to a thrift store today. Hopefully I’ll take a few more bags down this week as well.

I guess that’s my definition of a perfect week. Wish me luck.


~ by jamiesnydertv on August 16, 2009.

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