Out of practice…

I find myself simultaneously longing for and balking at romance.

I’ve spent five years without it, and maybe I am just out of practice. I just don’t think I’ve retained the ability to accept advances with any sort of grace.

I’m both the clown and the whore.

I make you laugh to get in your pants. I put on a big show and invite you backstage. Sometimes you go along with me, and other times you don’t. Either way, I get what I need.  I get an audience, and occasionally a good hard dicking.

But then you turn it around and pursue me.

That’s so not fair!

I’m wholly unequipped to accept phone calls, sweet nothings, gifts, invitations and plans.

I have plenty of experience that tells me what I will absolutely not put up with…but what do I want, really?

…and will I know it when I see it?


~ by jamiesnydertv on September 27, 2009.

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