Letting it all go….

My financial situation lately could be described as “catastrophic.”

I’d had to ask people for small loans to pay my phone bill, my dietary choices are based on whatever my roommate decides to buy, and getting around town via bicycle has been hampered by the increasingly cold weather.

I was doing everything right. I got away from a relationship that was financially abusive. I holed up in my home town to be near to people who love and respect me. I’ve been carpet bombing the world with my resume . I abstained from opportunities to indulge in alcohol, just in case I was offered a job that required a drug test.

I got turned down for work at Taco Bell.

I have zero dollars.

Then I did what everybody says NOT to do in this situation: I gave up.

I just let it go and decided to stop controlling my universe.

I dropped a class that I didn’t need, went for a jog, scraped together enough change to buy a single beer from the corner store and got in my pajamas.

Opening my $1.99 giant can of Foster’s Lager, I toasted the Universe and swore to let it all go.

If my phone gets shut off, fine. If I default on my student loans, fine. It will not keep me from continuing to breathe.

Then a friend called offering me a temporary job,

Then I was called for an interview at a company that gels with my beliefs and ambitions. I was hired on the spot. I start on Monday.

Then I bought a car from a friend with the promise to make future payments.

This whole letting go thing really suits me.


~ by jamiesnydertv on October 9, 2009.

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