Costco and other boring shit….

I went up to North Lake Tahoe with Chaste Hug Guy. We drove up in his giant stupid truck, stayed in a nice room, had sex in the closet against the luggage rack and rollaway bed, went to the gym, Costco to search for a nonexistent energy drink, Borders, and a litany of stupid errands that were somehow fabulous because he was there.

If I hadn’t put a moratorium on saying “I love you” first, I’d be screaming it from the rooftops. Of course, my romantic proclivities get me in trouble from time to time…I lose my inhibitions in the middle of sex and drop the L-bomb waaaaaay too early.

And of course, a mostly only half-joking marriage proposal via text message that involved promises of a free gym membership did NOTHING to cool my desire to see him again.

He kind of makes me want to be a better person.

Fuck that guy.

I can’t wait to see him again.


~ by jamiesnydertv on November 10, 2009.

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