My Temple….

I’ve done some horrible things.

I’ve beaten you, burdoned you, abused you, starved you, drugged you, hated you,

And yet, you’ve been so kind to me.

You’ve housed me, made me stand tall, gotten me through my days alive, if not always well. I’m sorry.

I didn’t chose you, but I’ve grown to love you. I’ve memorized every line, fold curve, wrinkle and bone.

You are a gift, my temple, my breath, my heartbeat and my warmth. I want to share you with the world.

Today you ran with me. You kept me going for almost two hours on the treadmill. Despite all the years of abuse and neglect, you stayed with me. I know I’ll never completely make up for all I’ve put you through, but I’m grateful for every day you stayed, even when I begged you to cease to exist.

Tonight I will bathe you, make love to you, and put you to bed.

I love you.


~ by jamiesnydertv on November 11, 2009.

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