The Complete Bucket List

1. Learn Chinese
2. Do a complete pull-up
3. Run a marathon (12/6/2009)
4. Write a book
5.  Own a pair of $150 jeans
6. Earn a personal training certification
7. Learn Arabic
8.  Teach a class
9. Spend a year abroad, with no academic obligations
10. Get 6-pack abs
11. Take a yoga class….in India
12. Visit Hazard, Nebraska
13. Have a starring role in a play (or at least a named character, and not “woman #2”)
14. Publicly perform a song on the guitar
15. Learn to make fudge
16. Go on a game/reality show (“The Pursuit” YouTube series)
17. Host a police/seeing eye dog-in-training
18. Actually celebrate Valentine’s Day
19. Ride a bike a really long distance, to somewhere significant (this item needs a little more development)
20. Take a class on how to taste wine
21. Finish a quilt
22. Reduce my carbon footprint to zero
23. Not say “I love you” first
24. Wear really obnoxious high heels
25. Read the entire works of a dead author- I have chosen Kurt Vonnegut.

    Player Piano  
  The Sirens of Titan (September 2009)    
  Canary in a Cathouse    
  Mother Night    
  Cat’s Cradle    
  God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater    
  Welcome to the Monkey House    
  Slaughterhouse – Five (July 2009)    
  Happy Birthday, Wanda June    
  Between Time and Timbuktu    
  Breakfast of Champions (Winter 2008)    
  Wampeters, Foma, and Granfalloons    
  Palm Sunday    
  Deadeye Dick    
  Hocus Pocus    
  Fates Worse Than Death    
  Bagombo Snuff Box    
  God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian    
  A Man Without A Country    
  Armageddon in Retrospect (July 2009)    

26. Learn Russian
27. Weigh 125 pounds
28. Visit all the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC
29. Run the Ironman Triathlon
30.  Take a class on how to make sushi (the vegetarian kind)
31. Eat a funnelcake (everyone says they are so good)
32. Visit Italy
33. Visit Australia and go on a “walkabout”
34. Complete a journal
35. Hike the entire length of the Appalacian Trail


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  1. […] August 1st: “The Half” One of my bucket list items is to be on a reality or gameshow. Sadly, since I am the ripe old age of 26 and plan to live […]

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